Towards Improving 5G Quality of Experience: Fuzzy as a Mathematical Model to Migrate Virtual Machine Server in The Defined Time Frame


  • Taufik Hidayat Universitas Indonesia
  • Kalamullah Ramli Universitas Indonesia
  • R. Deiny Mardian Universitas Indonesia
  • Rahutomo Mahardiko PT. BFI Finance Indonesia, Tbk



Virtual Machine Server, Resource Balancing, Fuzzy Model, 5G Quality


The industry and government have recently acknowledged and used virtual machines (VM) to promote their businesses. During the process of VM, some problems might occur. The issues, such as a heavy load of memory, a large load of CPU, a massive load of a disk, a high load of network and time-defined migration, might interrupt the business processes. This paper identifies the migration process among hosts for VM to overcome the problem within the defined time frame of migration. The introduction of VMs migration in a timely manner is to detect a problem earlier. There are workload parameters, such as network, CPU, disk and memory as our parameters. To overcome the issue, we have to follow the Model named Fuzzy rule. The rule follows the basic of tree model for decision-making. The application of the fuzzy Model for the study is to determine VMs allocation from busy VMs to vacant VMs for balancing purposes. The result of the study showed that the use of the fuzzy Model to forecast VMs migration based on the defined rule had 2 positive impacts. The positive impacts are (1) Time frame live migration of VMs can reduce workload by 80 %. This aims to reduce failures in performing a live migration of VMs to increase data center performance. (2) In testing, the fuzzy Model can provide results with an accuracy of 90 %, so this model can perform a live migration of VMs precisely in determining the execution time. Next, the workload could be balanced among VMs. This research could be used further to improve 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) shortly.


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Author Biographies

Kalamullah Ramli, Universitas Indonesia



R. Deiny Mardian, Universitas Indonesia



Rahutomo Mahardiko, PT. BFI Finance Indonesia, Tbk




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