Classification of Melinjo Fruit Levels Using Skin Color Detection With RGB and HSV


  • Dadang Iskandar STIKOM Cipta Karya Informatika
  • Marjuki Marjuki STIKOM Cipta Karya Informatika



Digital Image, Classification Of Ripeness Of Melinjo Fruit, RGB, HSV


This study aims to detect the ripeness of melinjo fruit using digital image method. Structured identification or division using image processing and computer vision requires the socialization of patterns based on training datasets. Melinjo (Gnetum gnemon L.) is a plant that can grow anywhere, such as yards, gardens, or on the sidelines of residential areas, as a result, produces melinjo into a plant that has relatively large potential to be developed. The process of image processing and pattern socialization is a highly developed research study. Starting based on the process of socializing an object, or a structured division of the object and about detecting the level of fruit maturity. The structured division process regarding ripeness into 3 classes, namely: raw, half-cooked and ripe where the process is carried out using Google Collaboratory which processes the RGB color space to HSV. In this study, the testing method for the system that will be used is a functional test where the test is carried out only by observing the execution results through test data and checking the functionality of the system being developed. The level of accuracy obtained from this study is 98.0% correct.


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