Publication Ethics

For Authors:

Reporting standards: The authors should present a process and the result of the research honestly, fairly, objectively and comprehensively. If editors or reviewers find any irregularities, authors may be asked to provide the raw data. Therefore the authors must keep the research data carefully and securely.

Originality and plagiarism: The authors are required to write and submit their original works. Not allowed to rewrite the work/ideas of others without using appropriate citations or quotations.

Resubmission: The manuscript has not been published before and is not currently being considered for publication elsewhere.

Disclosure and conflicts of interest: The manuscript must have been read and approved by all named authors and that there are no other persons who satisfied the criteria for authorship but are not listed.

Published works errors: If the authors find errors or inaccuracies in their published work, it is the author should notify the journal editor so that the paper can be retracted for repair.

For Editorial:

Publication Information: All information related to the manuscript guidelines must be accessible and read by the authors and other parties.

Fair judgment: All manuscripts have the same opportunity to be evaluated according to the order of entry dates. The evaluation is based on the intellectual content without regard to race, gender, religious beliefs, ethnic origin, nationality, or affiliation of the author.

Distribution of peer-reviewed scripts: The peer-review process must be conducted in an objective, fair, impartial and timely. The manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers who have suitable expertise in the relevant field with the manuscript topics.

Confidentiality:  All copyrights of the submitted manuscript are owned by the author, for that the editor must guarantee all confidentiality of the material submitted to the journal. All usage and distribution of material related to the manuscript submitted must be authorized by the author. Editors are not allowed to use submitted manuscripts that as their own editor's research without the written consent of the author.