Sustainable Marketing in the Age of Climate Conscious Consumers


  • Miko Andi Wardana Institut Pariwisata dan Bisnis Internasional
  • Sutantri Sutantri Universitas Islam Tribakti
  • Ervan Susilowati Kemenko Marves



Sustainable Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Climate Consciousness, Environmental Awareness, Marketing Strategies, Tourism Industry


This study investigates the dynamics of sustainable marketing strategies within PT. Pioneer Wisata Nusantara, focusing on the relationships between consumer behavior, climate consciousness, environmental awareness, and marketing strategies. Utilizing quantitative research methods and structural equation modeling, data was collected from 100 customers using a random sampling technique. The results reveal significant direct and indirect effects among the variables, highlighting the crucial role of environmental awareness as a mediator in shaping consumer behavior. Specifically, climate consciousness and marketing strategies significantly influence consumer behavior, both directly and indirectly through their impact on environmental awareness. These findings underscore the importance of strategic marketing initiatives that promote environmental awareness to drive sustainable consumer behavior within the tourism industry. This research provides actionable insights for PT. Pioneer Wisata Nusantara to enhance its sustainability efforts and contribute to the advancement of sustainable tourism practices in Indonesia.


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Andi Wardana, M., Sutantri, S., & Susilowati, E. (2024). Sustainable Marketing in the Age of Climate Conscious Consumers . Management Studies and Entrepreneurship Journal (MSEJ), 5(2), 5002–5009.